Saloma – The stories behind

Motiff tak if saya kata tertengok citer Saloma???

Muahahaha, mana bisa deh.. surelah tengok dengan sepenuh hati katanya selepas a few review from my frens yang telah tengok kans..

Before penah tonton “Teater P.Ramlee the Musical” yang pada saya bestlah.. how lovey duveynya hidup diorang between P.Ramlee and Saloma tu kans..

But this time around citer Saloma pulak yang start her singing carier since 15 years old.. walaupun sememangnya dari kecik lagi her interest is on singing kans..

their kids life


her only siblings Mariani

Quite sad lah bila her 1st Marriage broken up with Tompel.. think of not so love kot plus no responsibilties shows of Tompel to save their marriage.. but in her age of 15-17 apalah sangat kans at that time.. 

at her 15

Kesian Saloma but she move on with her life as a singer after delivery to Armali..

with Norizan play by dunno hehe

Saya suka part when her lovey duvey with P.Ramlee.. maybe time spending together make them know each others well instead at that time P.Ramlee sudah berkahwin with Norizan..

so loving couple

Part last after they move on to Kuala Lumpur banyak sangat kedukaan menyelubungi.. and after P.Ramlee pass away, her life seems no longer have bright.. ohh begitu attached diorang ni semasa bersama kaedahnya… can see the way they call each other “Remy” and “Sally”.. mcm nama manja giteww

Bolehla layan lagu2 all the way citer ini…Baru tahu yang Saloma died in 1983..

All in its a sad story for me..


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